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Aviss, known as the affordable luxury class of coliving, is Gurgaons top luxury-managed accommodation provider, offering a living experience that is par excellence. Exclusively focused on working professionals and the millennial generation, Aviss provides a comfortable, connected and curated way of living where one can enjoy all the modern amenities under one roof and an enriching community experience. At Aviss, you can enjoy a completely hassle-free life with an array of incredible amenities along with top-notch lifestyle services.

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Dr. Sangeeta Siwach

Founder & CEO

Dr. Vishal Siwach


Dr. Vishal Siwach brings extensive leadership experience spanning the military, healthcare, and real estate sectors as Co-Founder of Aviss Homes. An orthodontist by profession, Dr. Siwach is also a veteran of the Indian Army having served for over 11 years.

Dr. Siwach’s outlook shaped by years in the Armed forces infuses qualities of discipline, operational excellence, and drive into steering Aviss Homes’ vision to create Delhi NCR’s finest co-living establishments.

The rapid growth seen by the company is guided by his life philosophy around the 3Ps – Passion, Patience, and Perseverance.

Beyond the professional, Dr. Siwach pursues long-distance running with the same vigor having participated in marathons globally. Scuba diving and exploring the outdoors provide much joy and balance for him to operate in high-growth environments.

He also finds inner calm and strategic direction through regular meditation practice and reading philosophy.


Our experience in providing Luxury PG hospitality services & service apartment enables us to understand and cater to the requirements of the business and leisure guests better than most.

Range of accomodation option

We offer an extensive range of accommodation options, from normal independent and sharing guest rooms to exclusive suites, studio apartments all in safe and exclusive areas. We will have complete solution to any requirement you may hold.

highly professional team

Our senior management team comprises of personnel from diverse backgrounds like hotel management, business, marketing, finance and operations. We bring this experience to bear in providing the best overall experience for our guests. We also have a large in-house housekeeping and maintenance enabling us to provide fast and efficient service to all the guests.

quality and standardization

We strive to provide the highest possible quality in all aspects of our operations, e.g. furniture, white goods, housekeeping, food etc. while still offering an excellent value for money experience for the guests.

Refund Policy

Instant refund of your security deposit latest by 48 hours compared to others who take 01 month for the same.

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